Weekly Assignments

Christ Light: 
This week: Our Christ Light stories for the week are "God Answers Hannah's Prayer", and "Eli and His Wicked Sons"

We will be learning two Christ Light stories each week, and study hymnology on Wednesdays.

 ***Student's will have Memory Work due  every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.**** 

Please work with your child every night to make sure they have there verses memorized. :>


-Test over multiplication and division facts on Tuesday-over 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10s facts
-Addition and Subtraction recap-
-find the missing number


-Grammar- Plural Nouns- collective nouns/ irregular nouns that change
Writer's Workshop: Begin Paragraph writing

This weeks patterns:  bossy or sounds
chore, glory, storm, north, storm, thorn,morning, snore, stork,worn, tore, forget

extra credit: tornado, important

Blind Writing Sort on Thursday night

Art: Mondrian Fish Artwork

Special events/ Field trips:    

This weeks read alouds!- " I am Hellen Keller"
Big Idea- Leaders
Phonics: or sounds
Reading workshop: Synthesizing your reading

Science: Begin Unit 1- Animal Needs
  • Looking at different animal types: amphibian/ birds/ insects/ mammals/ reptiles/ fish

Social Studies:

Pe: Jump rope