Weekly Assignments

This week: Our two Christlight stories for this week are, "Moses Leaves Egypt", and " God Calls Moses".

We will be learning two Christ Light stories each week, and study hymnology on Wednesdays.

 ***Students will have Memory Work due  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of  this week.**** 

Please work with your child every night to make sure they have there verses memorized. :>

This week: 
-Continue practicing renaming with subtraction.
-Unit 2 Review

-separating the complete subject from the complete predicate
-Choose a topic for our class book!
-Brainstorming our stories!
-Review the structure of narrative writing.

New word sorts will begin this week! Thank you for all of your hard work parents!

This week we will take a break from our Mondrian paintings to create Thanksgiving turkeys using oil pastels. :>

Special events/ Field trips

Food Drive!
November 13-17th

Thanksgiving Feast! November 17th at 11:30
If you would like to help click on the link below!


Basal Reader:The Best Friends Club-Story Elememnts
Phonics: Review letter sounds 
Special Phonics:Stretchy letter sounds
Skills Practice: endings ing, ed
Reader's Theatre: Chicken Little

Daily 5: Read to self,begin Read to Someone, Begin Work on Writing

This week I will send home a reading log for your student. Please listen to your student read for 10 minutes. This can be in the car, during dinner, at bedtime, where ever you can fit it in! :>
Please fill out the reading log Monday through Thursday evening and return to school the next day. To encourage your student he or she will receive a prize once their log is full. Thank you parents!

Science will be closed until January 1st :>
Social Studies:
-Begin looking at life for families long ago!
-Begin in class work for our Heritage projects!!
-Friday- current events TIME for kids

Complete Soccer Unit!