Weekly Assignments

This week: Our two Christ light stories for this week are, "The Parable of the Wedding Feast" and "The Lord's Supper"

We will be learning two Christ Light stories each week, and study hymnology on Wednesdays.

 ***Student's will have Memory Work due  every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.**** 

Please work with your child every night to make sure they have there verses memorized. :>

-Learning about remainders/ Begin Counting by 4's
-8's Quiz on Friday


This week we will continue to work on:
Grammar: Building a super sentence/ Can you name the 5 parts of speech?
Writer's Workshop- Narrative Writing- Finish our narrative paragraphs- learning how to peer edit.
-Also- begin writing poetry!!

New Spelling words coming home this week!


The Study of Line

Special events/ Field trips:     

     Science Night! 
                                                   March 22nd


Track and Field Day!-K-4
APRIL 5th!!!

        Field Trip- Museum of Natural Science
                April 25th!!! 
  Permission forms and payments of $13                 due by April 8th.


Phonics: review "ie" vowel team
Readers Workshop: non fiction unit/ Chapter book: "Class Trip from the Black Lagoon chapter 5"
Basal Reader: Time For Kids

Daily 5: Begin - all stations introduced

-Looking at how environments change over time- natural disasters
-What can we do to help the Earth?
Social Studies:

This week:
-We begin our unit "We are one Country" learning about the history of the United States
Jump rope