Weekly Assignments

This week: Our Christ Light stories for the week are "The Israelites Reach the Promised Land", and "Rahab and the Spies"

We will be learning two Christ Light stories each week, and study hymnology on Wednesdays.

 ***Student's will have Memory Work due  every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.**** 

Please work with your child every night to make sure they have there verses memorized. :>


-3's Multiplication practice
-2's and 3's division
-Word problems


-Grammar- Nouns! People, Places, Things, Pets
Writer's Workshop: Begin Narrative Paragraph Writing


Blind Writing Sort on Thursday night

Winter Mittens!

Special events/ Field trips:    

Please Join us for Fellowship Services on Wednesday nights at 7p.m.

Mark you Calendars!
December 20th at 6:30

Please have your child at school by 6:15 in nice church attire. Polos are not required. Their best dress is encouraged! I can't wait to see them sing about Jesus' birth!

This weeks read alouds!  "Ruby Bridges", "Martin's Big Words", "I have a Dream"
Big Idea- Character Study, Biography Features, 
Phonics:Long "i" patterns
Reading workshop: evaluating texts, connecting texts to ourselves

 Unit 1-Work like a scientist
-Using inquiry skills to find out information.
-Using Science Tool to Solve Problems

Social Studies:

Big Idea: Ball handling skills
This Week: Softball skills